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Addington Methodist


Tuesday - Brownies 6.00pm                                                                                                                              

Wednesday - Beavers (age 6-8) 5.30pm; Scouts (age 10.5-14) 7.30pm                                                                             

Thursday - Cub Scouts (age 8-10.5) 6.45pm

Friday - Brownies 6.00pm; Guides 7.30pm



Christ Church Methodist


Wednesday - Guides 6.30 - 8.00pm (girls aged 10-14 years)

Thursday - Brownies 6.30-8.00pm term-time only (girls aged 7-10, but can stay on until 11 years by arrangement)



Downsview Methodist


Thursday - Boys Brigade Anchor Boys (age 5-8) 6.15pm; BB Junior Section (age 8-11); 6.45pm; BB Company Section  (age 11+) 7.40pm

Friday - Girls’ Brigade Explorers (age 4-7) 6.30-7.45pm; GB Juniors (7-11) 6.30-7.45pm; GB Seniors (11-14) 7.45-9.30pm;

             GB Brigaders (14-18) 7.45-9.30pm



Parchmore Methodist


Monday - Rangers 7.30pm

Thursday - Guides 7.00pm                


Shirley Methodist


Thursday -  Brownies 6.15-7.30pm (girls aged 7-10)



If you are interested in helping out with any of our uniformed organisations please contact the named person for that organisation

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